Important Information


Final Headcount

 Final headcount is confirmed 7 day prior to the event. Please confirm guest list. You will be responsible for all guests confirmed at final head count. Refunds cannot be issued for no shows. Each booking is staffed in advance based on the confirmed amount of guest. 


 Final payment is due 7 days prior to your scheduled event.  NO EXCEPTIONS. Payments may be made via debit or credit card. Please be advised that all card payments are subject to a 3% processing fee.

Refunds cannot be issued for guest that do not show up for scheduled events. Each event is staffed specifically to the confirmed guest count.

Gratuity: It is not expected but certainly appreciated

Deposits: $100 deposit is required to reserve all dates/times and in order to start your  party planning process. Deposit are returned via the original payment method within 48 hours of pick up and inspection. 

Spa Parties require a $50 deposit that will be applied towards your final balance. 


Travel Fee: All travel fees are mileage based from zip code 75201 to your location. 

  • 0-25 miles included in package- no travel fee
  • 25-50   miles $50
  • 51  miles plus miles is negotiable
  • However,  we may decide that a location is too far or not easily accessible for our  workers.

Cancellation and Refunds

If you must cancel your party for any reason, the following refund policy applies:

Deposits and final payments are non-refundable. 

 If you need to reschedule, we will gladly offer an alternative party date for your consideration at no additional cost.

In the event of inclement weather, severe illness or other unforeseen emergencies, we reserve the right to cancel any event and offer an alternative party date at no additional cost.

If you need to reschedule within 1 week of your event date a $10 rescheduling fee applies.

The BIG Day

Arrival Time: Our party staff will arrive approximately 45 minutes - 1 hours prior to your event for setup.

Pets: Please remove all pets from the party area prior to our arrival.

Parking: Please leave some space for us to park near an entrance where we will not be blocked in. We would appreciate easy access; we have a lot of heavy items to carry into your birthday party!

Cleaning: In addition to cleaning up our equipment after each event, our party team makes every attempt to protect your surfaces. We are not responsible for cleaning costs incurred by damages from party guests.

Event Space: Please ensure there is an open, clean and clear space for the staff to setup. If you have question or are unsure if your space will be adequate for your package choice, please contact our staff for a consultation. Due to the risk of damage or injury our hostesses DO NOT MOVE FURNITURE. Please have the area be cleared out PRIOR to our arrival. To ensure you have the absolute best experience, we recommend adequate space for guests at your party. 

Your spacing requirement will depend on the amount of tents needed. On average, a large living room or den area, bonus room, or the use of multiple rooms in a home will suffice. Please let us know, when booking, how much space will be available.

Provide a smoke-free environment. Please keep guests, children, and/or parents clear of the activity area as we have a set time for setup and breakdown.

Locations: We are happy to execute your event at your location of choice, however in the event that your location choice does not allow or services or denies us access to the venue of choice your payment will be forfeited. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure our services are allowed. Any fees associated with the location are solely the responsibly of the customer

Damage Policy: Damage and/or defacement other than normal wear and tear of property belonging to Pamper Me Cute will result in assessment of charges and billing to the hiring client. The hiring client is responsible for damages to property from that of the hiring client and/or guests (i.e. no pens, pencils, or markers inside tents). There should be no sharp objects that may puncture the air mattress.

Food & Beverages: If you choose to 

provide your guests with refreshments, we ask that tomato-based entrees, pasta, greasy or messy foods are not served on bed linens as they can stain our linens and fabrics and make cleanup a challenge. Only light snacks may be eaten inside the tents. For purposes of maintaining the highest quality of our linens and fabrics, we kindly ask that beverages be light-colored or clear (no cola products or fruit punch) and please, no food items containing tomatoes, tomato sauce, or dark-colored jellies. Although we understand accidents may happen, the client may be held responsible for excessive damage to equipment.

Rush Policy: If you are requesting and we have an available party date of two weeks or less, we will require a rush fee. The rush fee is $50.00 for Camp Out Packages and $75.00-$100.00 for all other packages. Additionally, if your final head count is changed within seven days of your event, you will be charged a $25.00 rush fee to accommodate shipping charges of our customized items. Payments not received within this time frame will result in the cancellation of your party as mentioned in our Policies. There is no exception to this policy.

Photos may be taken by staff for promotional purposes during the event. Photographs taken during your event by Pamper Me Cute may be used for advertising, display, and website and internet promotion at our discretion